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W. March 9, 2022, 12:00-2:00pm EST (18:00-20:00pm Italy time)

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Moderator and organizer: Professor Michelangelo La Luna (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!)
In collaboration with Professor Dagmar Reichardt (LAC, Latvia / Europe)
Among other themes inspired by Maraini's production (such as feminicide, feminism, identity and inclusion), we will focus on women's issues in Afghanistan, Central America, Germany, Japan, Iran, Italy, European Union, Syria, and the US
For more information, please see the attached flyers.

Participants and topics:

1.    Susan Amatangelo - The College of Holy Cross: Gloria Steinem and Dacia Maraini: Two Feminist Icons

2.    Giuseppe Balirano - University of Naples L’Orientale: Whatever happened to “Zan Bill”. How Italy’s first law on hate crimes against women, LGBTI people and disabled people was killed off by the Senate

3.    Maristella Cantini - Tuscany Language Academy: Gender and de-generate: Dacia Maraini’ s work in my interpretation

4.    Elvira Di Fabio - Harvard University: Translating the written voices of Dacia Maraini's Tre Donne (Three Women)

5.    Ombretta Frau - Mount Holyoke College: Regulating Prostitution in Nineteenth Century Italy: the Cavour Law in Emma’s Una fra tante (1878)

6.    Claus Friede - University of Music and Theatre Hamburg HFMT, Germany: Afghanistan and Syria in the Female Eye of the German Photographer Yvonne von Schweinitz 

7.    Tommasina Gabriele - Wheaton College: Fertility, Maternity and Asexuality: Reflections on Breasts and Eggs by the Japanese writer, Mieko Kawakami 

8.    Ulrich Glassmann - Universität Flensburg, Germany, Vice-President for European and International Affairs: Family behavior and female employment in Mediterranean economies

9.    Christine Landfried - Universität Hamburg, Germany: Women in the EU 

10. Dacia Maraini - author and scholar, and keynote speaker

11. Elahe Massumi, media artist and movie director: Roxane: The voice of Iranian women

12. Alicia Vanessa Nuñez - Northwestern University, Glorimarie Peña Alicea and Angela Pitassi - University of Connecticut: The Centrality of Locating Latinx Women in Migration Studies: Mujeres apoyando mujeres 

13. Dagmar Reichardt - Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia: Maria Montessori's transcultural itinerary from Rome to the US, Spain and The Netherlands via India and beyond

About Dacia Maraini:
Maraini is involved in many social and political campaigns to defend women's rights, and to 
prevent violence against women throughout the world. Maraini, a writer, poet, and scholar of Women's Studies, produces traditional scholarship and creative work. Additionally, she is an active journalist for the most well respected Italian newspapers, including Il Mondo, Paese Sera, L’UnitàCorriere della Sera, Io Donna, La Stampa, Il Messaggero, and L’Espresso

For more information:

Quelle: Michelangelo La Luna, Professor of Italian at the University of Rhode Island
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