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This summer school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer of new narratives written by minorities and migrants. We will also study their works as important tools in building sustainable societies. The concept of cultural transfer as well as the various definitions of ‘minorities’ and ‘migrants’ will be discussed and examined in their historical and political contexts.
Topics we will discuss include:
> Literary representations of language loss and revitalization by minority and indigenous writers; > The reaction of minority writers from a variety of regions and languages to societal, political and cultural processes;
> Migration as a matter of literary form, and literature itself as a migrating and transformative concept;
> Notions of the diaspora in relation to their applicability for transnational literary and cultural studies;
> A focus on different aspects of transcultural messages;
> Transnational approaches to cultural narratives of exile.

During the 5th edition of this successful summer school, we will focus specifically on minority culture worldwide: from the Sami in Sweden to Italy (beyond borders), and from exile in the Hispanic world to Francophone female voices from Iranian descent.
We will explore how minority writers react to the societal, political and cultural processes that define our current moment, and look at the methodological implications of entangled histories. On the final day of the summer school, participants will give a presentation.

> Academic coordinators: Dr. P. Broomans
> Assistant coordinator: Dr. J. den Toonder Nannie de Graaff, MA
> Fees: € 255 (excluding housing), € 500 (including housing), € 155 (University of Groningen students, excluding housing)
> Target audience: (Research) Master and Ph.D. students in Humanities/ Social Sciences/ Philosophy. Selected Bachelor students (BA-thesis should have been summited)
> Language of instruction: English
> Application deadline: July 1, 2019
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University of Groningen / The Netherlands

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